Saturday, June 29, 2013

Time has flown by. Sorry no post lately.  Jake has graduated and is leaving for his mission on July 2nd at 4:50pm.  Flying to San Francisco and then on to New Zealand.  He will land there on July 4th 5:55 am.  We are having a open house this Sunday June 30th from 7pm until whenever.  Come by and tell Jake good-bye.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching up

 Jaycie got her braces off on Feb. 20th.  Her teeth look great! 2 years and 2 month, 8 teeth pulled (4 babies, 4 adults) and She has a fantastic smile.
 Also on Feb. 20th Savanna turned 13 years old.  The exciting thing is that it snowed and had a double rainbow on her birthday.
 Her first pair of heels.
 The cake!
 Jaycie and Jake had MORP.  It was girl ask guy and the theme was "Time Worp".  Jacyie and her date were Star Trek.
 Jake and his date were 40's sailor and girl
 She looks so grown up. 
 My baby is 13!
 This past weekend Jake's volleyball team had a big volleyball tournament.  Wolf Howl Invitational.  30 teams.  Mesa High's boys volleyball team won the whole thing!  Mesa's #1!
 Also on Sat. March 2nd Jake got his mission call in the mail.  He didn't open it up until 9pm because he was at the tournament all day.  We made it home at 8:30 pm.  He showered really fast and many friend and family came over to watch him open it.
 Jake has been called to the New Zealand, Auckland Mission.  He reports to the New Zealand MTC on July 4th, 2013.
 There's New Zealand on the big map I bought for everyone to guess.  No one guessed New Zealand.  Shelby my niece guessed Australia.  So she was the closes.
 Jake and his called signed by President Monson.
 Sorry don't know how this got in her but it's a good thing.  Jaycie finished soccer in February.  She was the starting Goal Keeper.  She did a great job.  So proud of her.
Rob and I with our soon to be missionary JAKE!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

 We had a birthday party for Jaycie and DJ Stahle.  DJ is only 1 day older than Jaycie. They have known each other their entire life.  We had it at Patty and Ben's back yard.  It was alot of fun.
 Jaycie JV volleyball season is now over.  She did a great job being a setter.

 This is their last game.  They had a great season.
 I took Brooklyn to a little farm.  She is afraid of animals.  This is Kelsey the cow.
 Brooklyn being Kelsey the cow.
 Picking out her pumpkin to put stickers on.
 She loved sitting on the tractor playing with all the buttons, wheel and lever.
 Look how tall she is.
 Brooklyn being Minnie Mouse.  Savanna Mad Hatter
 Kelsey and Taylor's first pumpkin carving with the family.   Aren't they cute?!
 Brooklyn being her cute self.
 Look at our Jack-o-laterns.  I think we did a really good job.
 Kelsey and Taylor first Halloween together.  They are Alfalfa and Darla.
 Savanna as Marty the Zebra from Madagascar 3.
 Kason, Kali and Brooklyn on Halloween.
 Jake as Indiana Jones
 Jaycie as a Cheetah
Me, Karissa, and Kali. Don't you love our cute hats?!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homecoming and birthdays

 Mesa had homecoming last week.  Jake was nominated for homecoming king.  This is Jake in the homecoming parade.  Rob borrowed this sweet car from a friend. Rob is the driver too.
 This is the half time show.  The theme of homecoming was "to infinity and beyond"!
 This is Jake and a girl that was nominated for homecoming queen riding around the track.  Jake didn't win but it was alot of fun.
 Jake took Alison Woodbury to homecoming.
 The family birthdays.  My Dad (Oct. 6) Donna (Sept. 20) Rob (Oct 9) Jaycie (Oct. 10) and Michael (Oct. 17)
 Jaycie turned "Sweet 16"!  Kelsey and Taylor gave her these feety PJ'S.  Crazy looking but that is what she wanted.
Blowing out her brownies.  We all went out to dinner to Grimaldi's .  It's a nice pizza place and they have the best cheese cake.  Happy Birthday Jaycie!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 This when they came out of the temple.  They couldn't stop smiling and kissing too!
 The luncheon was at out church.  The McCleary's had Jennifer Hall cater it.  It was great!
 The McCleary men put on alittle show.  It was funny
 Not sure how Taylor liked it but when his mom said jump.  He jumped.
 The special couple thanking everyone
 Some of the decoration at the reception.  The big M in the back also says Kelsey & Taylor est. 9-15-12.  It came out so cool
 The sign in area
 Some of the tables
 Terri Flaherty did the flowers.
 She always does such a great job.  I think it all came out so beautiful, just what we hopped for.
 This is her cake. It was amazing.
 Sorry there is 2 pictures of it.
 Food table
 Kelsey wanted dancing the last hour.  This is her and Taylor's first dance.  They did a great job.
Daddy/daughter dance.  Rob cried.  It was a great day.  I haven't talked to Kelsey yet but I think it turned out great.  Crazy I have 3 girls married!